Yakima Rack n’ Roll 66″ Trailer Build

The Yakima Rack n Roll 66″ Trailer: Build and Review.

5-star quality, refined, functional and sleek as hell!

The 66″ in the name refers to the width of the round crossbar bar it comes equipped with (as they do a 78″ as well.)

It comes with a manual outlining the complete setup. The instructions are pretty simple and the task is easy to accomplish even solo. They say it takes about 20 minutes, but I’d bank on it taking slightly longer than that. Then again I take my time when assembling and installing anything so I get it just right.

Basic hand tools are required for assembly. But also something the average person may not have in their garage…. a torque wrench – as all the bolts are required to be tightened to specification for safety. You will also need a tire pressure gauge and pump to ensure proper inflation of the tires before operation.

It is a versatile and lightweight multi-sport trailer that is compatible with class I, II or III+ hitches and basic electrical. So you can tow it with just about anything.

Optimum height to the top of the hitch ball is 22″ to keep your trailer level with the towing vehicle. That being said drawbars for various drop and rise distances are available in a variety of styles and capacities. Any hitch shop will be able to help you choose the best components for accommodate you.

The only thing I added to this setup was a coupler pin, not included. It basically keeps the coupler in the engaged position, for safety. These pins are a buck or two. You can also get a coupler lock instead of a pin if you so choose.

The trailer comes with two cross members, two side rails, one center rail, suspension, wheels, fenders, lights, reflectors, hubcaps, a standard tongue with 2″ coupler, grab handle, two safety chains, flat 4 electrical as well as all necessary safety pins, license plate bracket, locks and hardware to put it all together.

Accessories that are sold separately, but that I  recommend – are the safety pole, kickstand and 5 spoke spare. These three add-ons make the trailer easier to use, park, load and of course a spare tire is never a bad idea.

The safety pole can be mounted around the round bar, or into the t-track of the accessory cross member or the t-slot of the side rail of the trailer and comes with both sets of hardware. The kickstand should be installed before you insert the tongue into the trailer itself and the hardware comes pre-assembled… it just requires proper positioning and tightening of the Phillips head screws and nuts. The spare can either be mounted on the tongue or under the cross member of the trailer itself and also comes with the appropriate t-track hardware and a hub cab.

The kickstand keeps the trailer level for loading and storage, which is a nice feature. The grab handle by the safety chains on the tongue, shown above is also super handy for wheeling the trailer around. The trailer itself only weighs 150 lbs with no gear on it so you can detach it from your vehicle and use as a hand-cart for better maneuverability.

The wheels are reversible and can be mounted in whichever direction you prefer. I chose to put the writing on the inside as it looks better. They come with locks to secure the wheel block assemblies to the swingarm of the trailer. These wheel blocks can be removed in seconds, along with the tongue – for quick and easy verticle storage. If you have some garage space (HA!) it can be stored nicely out of the elements in your parking stall. It can also be stored on a garage wall in a space less than 6′ x 6′ once the tongue, wheels and accessories come off.

On the back of the trailer, you’ll find integrated wheels similar to that on a rollerblade so you can glide the trailer around opposed to lifting it everywhere you need to go, which makes moving it around a breeze!

The suspension offers 4″ of travel for a smooth ride and the shocks come preassembled, as does the swingarm – so just unfold and connect with the supplied safety pin, bolts, washers, castle nuts and cotter pins.

The electrical is plug and play – so no splicing and dicing wiring, guesswork or diagrams. It even has clips pre-attached to hold the connectors to the main frame of the trailer. There is a main flat 4 disconnect for easy tongue removal as well, shown in the picture below, under the spare tire mount.

The trailer is equipped with stylish LED tail and marker lights as well as necessary reflectors front and rear for good visibility.


It comes with aluminum crossbar tower mounts that can be positioned anywhere from a 4″ to 4′ span. For this build, I chose to mount them directly over the cross members for strength and aesthetics. Also, this customer is using it for kayaks and bikes so we have to choose a happy medium between the two types of gear being transported.

We have outfitted the trailer with 2 sets of Yakima Jaylows for the kayaks. They fold flat when not in use and offer tool-free install with 2 wing nuts per J. They stand the kayaks up on their sides to save space and come with all necessary tie downs. They are compatible with round, square and aero (oval) bars.

For the bikes, we opted for the Yakima Frontloader. They are upright bike racks, which can hold mountain as well as road bikes – with no frame contact. They are universal in fitment and super easy to load. They too lay flat when not in use.

We also added locks to each carrier, one per Jaylow and two per Frontloader to keep the accessories locked to the crossbar as well as the bikes lockable to the bike rack. Yakima uses what they call an SKS lock core system, meaning this customer has 8 cylinders for their accessories, but they all match the same key. Down the road, spare keys are available if required and any additional accessory purchased can be matched to his existing key number as well.


All of Yakima’s recreational accessories are covered by a lifetime limited warranty against defects, so if you look after your things – you have peace of mind that your products will be with you as long as you desire

The trailer itself is covered by a 1-year warranty against defects and comes lockable but not in the SKS line at this point. Running changes are constant so potentially that will be something down the road they will look into. Stay tuned.



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